Inner Dynamics Assumptions and Principles

Every coaching or communications model makes assumptions or contains presuppositions that make it work. Inner Dynamics is no different.

For the iNLP Center Inner Dynamics model to work, certain assumptions must be in place. This post will outline and describe them.

1. The core self is in charge.

2. Everyone has distinct parts of their personality and this is normal.

3. There are four layers of the psyche upon which parts live: Mindful, Safety, Repressed, and Beyond

4. Every part has a positive intention.

5. Healing comes through the relationship among the core self and parts.

6. Parts are capable of “hijacking” the core self.

7. Parts are capable of having unconscious relationships with each other.

8. No part can be “kicked out” of the psyche.

9. There is an order of operations for working with parts.

10. There is no timeline for healing.