Inner Dynamics Unit 1: Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to Inner Dynamics Training!

This website, affiliated with the iNLP Center, is a study ground for Inner Dynamics training. All are welcome. iNLP Center students enrolled in this training may use this site as an additional reference and study aid.

In this post, we’ll cover:

• What is Inner Dynamics?
• The structure of this course
• Purpose of Inner Dynamics training

What is Inner Dynamics?

Inner Dynamics is a unique personal development training based on what’s casually known as the parts model. The parts model assumes that each of us is made of various psychological parts. This is an easy concept to grasp because most of us have spoken in parts language, whether or not we know it.

• Part of me wants to quit my job and part of me is scared to do it.
• I’m torn. Part of me wants to break up and part of me wants to stay.
• I don’t know what came over me. It’s like my inner demon came out.

Inner Dynamics takes a systematic approach to personal growth and healing with parts psychology in mind. We assume that there really are various parts of you that contribute to your entire life experience. When those parts are in pain, reacting, or in conflict with each other, problems ensue.

Working with the dynamics of inner parts is not new. References to parts date back thousands of years in human history. More recently, several prominent practitioners have been known to systematically address inner parts. We’ll discuss these more in the history of parts section.

Structure of this Course

This course is a free personal development course for the public. It’s free, but there is no support system in place for those who wish to learn about Inner Dynamics on this website. We suggest you begin with the course start page and follow instructions as best you can.

Purpose of Inner Dynamics Training

The only purpose of this free public website is education. The information here is to inform you about inner dynamics and the parts model. Our purpose is certainly not to diagnose or prescribe any treatable conditions or promise any individual gains from the material here.

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