New Format for Inner Dynamics Training

New Format for Inner Dynamics Training

We’ve been teaching inner dynamics as an 8-week course with 90-120 minute sessions. No advanced training. All good.

Now, however, we’d like to explore going evergreen somehow and have a subscription model for tuition payments. People are generally interested in continuing with the training, clamoring for more.

What to do?

We might offer a 3-week introductory course with the sole intention of introducing the parts model. What would they get in this training?

  • Introduction to parts psychology
  • The Inner Dynamics overarching model – levels of awareness
  • How to dissociate from parts
  • Finding the core self
  • Roles of parts

By the end of the introductory training, everyone should understand what the core self is and how to access it. All the material about working with specific parts – protectors and vulnerable parts – will come during the monthly sessions.

The initial sessions could be evergreen, too. Hmm. Volunteers could teach the intro stuff?

There are so many options now that our minds are open to this.