The Mechanism and Mindset of Inner Dynamics Coaching

Inner Dynamics coaching is an odd duck.

It’s so different from other forms of life coaching that it might not even qualify as coaching at all. It’s isn’t clinical counseling either. It’s more like psychological consulting, which is why we’ve decided to call it Inner Dynamics Practitioner Training.

Anyway, some of us get just a little creeped out by the process. During an inner dynamics coaching session, you will be guided to communicate with various parts of your personality.

What really gets you is when your personality parts speak back to you. It feels very different than a typical thought process. When you’re working with parts, it feels like there are little people inside you with thoughts and feelings (and agendas) of their own.

Creepy? Hell yes!

Assuming you get beyond the initial strangeness of it all, you will soon discover how much you don’t know about yourself. In fact, you may even pass through a period in which it feels like you don’t know who you are. This feeling of not knowing who you are is just a feeling. Practically speaking, you’ll go on with your daily life as usual.

Most people get over all this when they realize it is perfectly normal for parts to speak to us. In fact, they are doing it constantly. The problem is….

We’ve never listened!

Ha! Right? We all go through the day with voices and feelings and imagery passing through us. In many cases, our parts are attempting to communicate with us. Sometimes that communication is not so positive, however, which is why we tend to avoid these characters!

When an inner voice whispers:

You’re such an idiot!

Or when you hear muffled screams on the inside:

I can’t do it!
I’m no good!
I’m a rotten person!

Of course you want to shut that communication down and pretend it doesn’t exist. It does exist and it’s coming from an important part of you. These are your parts letting you know they are there. When you stop, listen and respond from a place of compassion, your inner world transforms. Healing becomes possible, often for the first time.

The Necessary Mindset

The mindset for doing parts work is one of compassion. When you’re in that state, associated with the Core Self, you can be effective at helping your parts grow and change. Outside of compassion, there is no hope.